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missing children

Light Traveler Adventure Series - Book Three


Another Suspenseful Out-of-Body Adventure! - Another Page-Turning Good Time!

"Her name is Jean," Mrs. Jewell said. "She was three and a half years old at the time. We were having a barbecue picnic in the park. I called her sister, Katie, and told her to bring Jean to the pavilion. But she couldn't find her.

"We looked everywhere—in the rest rooms, up and down the streets, between all the cars. The men scoured the entire neighborhood for blocks around. But she was nowhere. We questioned everybody and finally found someone who remembered seeing a little girl leaving with a man.

"Right then, I knew ... I'd lost my baby ... She was gone."

And thus the search begins.

Bart Elderberry and his new boss—private detective William G. Owens—are pressed into service in a frantic effort to solve a decade-old kidnapping and uncover an extensive black-market baby-snatching organization. Before long, Bart and his friends are dodging bullets, fending off tire-irons, and facing seemingly impossible odds in their desperate race against time.

But along the way, Bart discovers some new and exciting ways to utilize his out-of-body abilities to help track down the dangerous and ruthless kidnapper/killers and to save himself and friends from certain death.

Missing Children adds yet another exciting volume to the captivatingLight Traveler Adventure Series—an action-packed episode that will have readers of all ages enthralled from beginning to dramatic and heart-touching end.


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