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MY body fell off!

Light Traveler Adventure Series - Book One


A Breathtaking Out-of-Body Adventure That Will Have You Sitting on the Edge of Your Chair!

Imagine going to bed one night and suddenly finding yourself floating around on the ceiling—looking down at your own sleeping body!

Imagine being able to leave your body anytime you want, and passing invisible through walls and doors—and even people!

Imagine transporting yourself to your friends' houses in the blink of an eye—without them even knowing! Or floating right into movies and concerts for free! Or enjoying the Super Bowl on the fifty yard line—right behind the quarterback!

Then, imagine finding yourself inadvertently and invisibly witnessing a secret meeting of some of the most dangerous criminals of our time as they plot a multi-million dollar conspiracy involving blackmail, kidnapping, and murder!

Bart Elderberry experiences all this and more after becoming the recipient of a very unique and special God-given ability. Bart is just beginning to enjoy the excitement of high school, driving, and dating, when his whole world is turned upside down by the bizarre events transpiring around him. And suddenly, his unusual ability is the only thing standing between life and death for himself and his friends.

Now…imagine trying to explain to ANYBODY about your rare skills and abilities without them thinking you're as crazy as a three-dollar bill and throwing you in the loony-bin for life.

My Body Fell Off! delivers a fast-paced, heart-pounding adventure that will leave you gasping at every turn. An adventure that, once begun, will be impossible to put aside until its final, dramatic conclusion.


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