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My Body Fell Off! (Light Traveler - 1)

   Imagine going to bed one night and suddenly finding yourself floating around on the ceiling—looking down at your own sleeping body!
   Imagine being able to leave your body anytime you want, and passing invisible through walls and doors—and even people!
   Imagine transporting yourself to your friends' houses in the blink of an eye—without them even knowing! Or floating right into movies and concerts for free! Or enjoying the Super Bowl on the fifty yard line—right behind the quarterback!
   Then, imagine finding yourself inadvertently and invisibly witnessing a secret meeting of some of the most dangerous criminals of our . . .
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Silver Hawks' Revenge (Light Traveler - 2)

   In My Body Fell Off!, Bart Elderberry discovered that he could leave his body—as an invisible spirit—any time he wanted. But he quickly learned that his special ability was to be used only for good. So he solved a murder, performed a couple of daring rescues, and put a trio of career criminals behind bars.
   Now, as Bart looks forward to his senior year in high school, his life has settled back into a seemingly normal pattern.
   But his enemies in prison haven't forgotten him, and they have been serving their time with exactly three things on their evil minds:
   Get Out. Get Rich. GET REVENGE!
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Missing Children (Light Traveler - 3)

   "Her name is Jean," Mrs. Jewell said. "She was three and a half years old at the time. We were having a barbecue picnic in the park. I called her sister, Katie, and told her to bring Jean to the pavilion. But she couldn't find her.
   "We looked everywhere—in the rest rooms, up and down the streets, between all the cars. The men scoured the entire neighborhood for blocks around. But she was nowhere. We questioned everybody and finally found someone who remembered seeing a little girl leaving with a man.

   "Right then, I knew ... I'd lost my baby ... She was gone."

   And thus the search begins.
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   Stephen Ray Fischer—otherwise known as Sting—has a very annoying little "thing" about him. He can't seem to touch anyone without shocking them—literally. Even with rubber-soled shoes and standing on plain dirt or cement, everybody gets zapped.
   It's not serious, of course. Kids do it all the time. But not ALL the time.
   Now, as a junior in his small-town high school, Sting's schoolmates have long since learned to keep a wide berth, and as a result, true friends are hard to come by. The taunting and teasing are relentless—especially when Sting's little "stings" start getting a little out of hand.
   After a curious incident with a high voltage power line, Sting finds . . .
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Sixteen In No Time

Celinda Russell has a date to the Jr. Prom with Travis Foxx, THE most popular guy at North High. She has her dress all picked out and knows just what to do with her makeup, hair, and nails. It's truly a dream come true.
   The only problem is: Celinda doesn't turn sixteen until the day AFTER the Prom. So—according to long-standing family rules—she can't even date yet.
   In a desperate attempt to solve the problem, Celinda makes a powerful wish that she could SOMEHOW find a way to go to the dance. "Whatever it takes!" she pleads. "Let the powers-that-be decide."
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Mysterious Ways: A Chrismas Reawakening

   Since losing his wife and two daughters in a terrible bus accident, all Richard wants to do is hide from the world and wallow in self-pity. With the Christmas season fast approaching, Richard’s despondent attitude affects everyone around him in a negative way.
   Richard’s friend Stacie also suffers as her marriage careens toward failure. She is sure that her inability to have a child prevents her from having the relationship she craves with her husband. Could foster parenting be the answer?
   Meanwhile, a young homeless mother and her three small children hitchhike into town after spending several years living in . . .
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What Makes Guys Tick?

   What compels guys to do the strange things they do? What inspires them to think the way they think? Why do they say the things they say? How do girls affect those thoughts and actions? What do guys really want from girls?
   BJ Rowley answers all these questions and more as he shares with the Young Women his unique and revealing insights into the quirky minds and sometimes bizarre behavior of that strange, mysterious, and incomprehensible opposite gender—the BOYS.
   What Makes Guys Tick? (based on Brother Rowley’s popular fireside) is an engaging, humorous handbook for all Young Women, as well as . . .
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Publishing Secrets

   Tap into the minds and combined experience of thirteen successfully published LDS authors as they smooth your pathway to publication. Your questions can all be answered in this comprehensive volume.
   Pitfalls to Avoid
   Contract Concerns
   Choosing a Subject
   Royalties ~ Facts & Figures
   Complete Submission Guidelines
   LDS Market ~ Unique Characteristics
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Writing Secrets

   Drawing on a wealth of knowledge, the answers to the pitfalls and problems faced by writers everywhere can be found within this comprehensive volume. Whether you've written all your life, or have just begun to experience the joys of putting pen to paper, this book has what you need, to keep you going, achieve more, and—most importantly—do it right.
   Refine ideas into workable, exciting plots
   Pen a "can't-put-it-down" opening
   Find the time and inspiration to write
   Create seamless plots and subplots
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