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Mysterious ways: a christmas reawakening



The Lord Is Good To All: And His Tender Mercies Are Over All His Works

Since losing his wife and two daughters in a terrible bus accident, all Richard wants to do is hide from the world and wallow in self-pity. With the Christmas season fast approaching, Richard’s despondent attitude affects everyone around him in a negative way.

Richard’s friend Stacie also suffers as her marriage careens toward failure. She is sure that her inability to have a child prevents her from having the relationship she craves with her husband. Could foster parenting be the answer?

Meanwhile, a young homeless mother and her three small children hitchhike into town after spending several years living in primitive mountain conditions. Attempting to leave behind the bitter cold of Montana, they set their sights on sunny California.

But God has other plans—for all of them.

Strange, unexpected, and sometimes drastic events unfold, bringing them all together . . . for “God moves in Mysterious Ways, His wonders to perform.” 

Mysterious Ways is a fast-paced adventure (with a surprising inspirational side) that reminds us not only of the true meaning of Christmas but how we should treat each other all year long. Author BJ Rowley shows us that the innocent decisions of an ordinary day can dramatically change our lives and the lives of others forever. Well done!
           - RACHEL ANN NUNES - bestselling author of the Ariana Series



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