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silver hawk's revenge

Light Traveler Adventure Series - Book Two


A Thrilling, Suspenseful Adventure - The Sequel to My Body Fell Off!

In My Body Fell Off!, Bart Elderberry discovered that he could leave his body—as an invisible spirit—any time he wanted. But he quickly learned that his special ability was to be used only for good. So he solved a murder, performed a couple of daring rescues, and put a trio of career criminals behind bars.

Now, as Bart looks forward to his senior year in high school, his life has settled back into a seemingly normal pattern.

But his enemies in prison haven't forgotten him, and they have been serving their time with exactly three things on their evil minds:

Get Out. Get Rich. GET REVENGE!

Now, they have mysteriously orchestrated their escape, and in one hair-raising adventure after another, Bart and his friends are framed for robbery and drug-dealing, chased across the country, and even thrown in jail. In the meantime, Bart's girlfriend, Roshayne, has been kidnapped, and, using her as bait, his enemies plan to lure Bart to destruction.

Bart can use his special out-of-body abilities to find Roshayne, but it may not be enough to save her—or himself. He and his friends must somehow thwart the crushing forces of evil personified by Silver Hawk, a murderous old man who uses his own "magic" powers to fight against all that is good.

In the end, as Roshayne is swept toward certain death, Bart's skills are tested in ways he'd never imagined.

Experience the heart-stopping excitement of Silver Hawk's Revenge as Bart and friends attempt to outrun, outsmart, and outmaneuver their deadly foes.


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