Strider Security


Light Traveler Adventure Series - Book Two


Samuel Taylor Clawson had been a prominent and successful businessman in the Utah Valley area. He was known as a hardworking, enterprising entrepreneur, a sharp dresser, and sharp talker. He was respected by his associates and admired by his peers. After many long years of dogged determination, he had finally made it in life, and he lived a comfortable and coveted existence in a plush mansion in Woodland Hills.

But comfortable was not enough for “The Man.” Wealthy was not enough. Respectable was not enough. Mr. Clawson yearned to be filthy rich and invincibly powerful. He was possessed and consumed by a hunger and thirst for more. Nothing was going to stop him from feeding his endless lust.

And so he devised a scheme—a fantastic, ingenious, almost foolproof scheme: Invisible Blackmail.

To achieve his objectives, Mr. Clawson employed the assistance of two extremely talented individuals. Derek Monroe, his faithful bodyguard, standing six feet nine inches tall and weighing in at three hundred and five pounds of solid muscle—an outcast mercenary and expert in electronics, explosives, small arms, espionage, and subterfuge; and Silver Hawk, an aging Indian medicine man, banished from his tribe for the corrupt use of his “magic”—his ability to see into people’s lives and observe firsthand their most intimate and secret affairs, their dishonest business dealings, and their deepest, darkest, most closely guarded secrets.

Together they orchestrated an intricate plan of virtually invisible spying and blackmailing, which quickly proved to be an exhilarating and challenging undertaking—and a remarkably lucrative one. Gone unchecked, they could easily have become some of the most devious and notorious white-collar criminals of the twentieth century. They were ruthless, unscrupulous, and murderous. There was absolutely no way of detecting their presence; no escaping their demands; no one on earth who could stop them.

Until God evened the odds by granting a certain rare and precious gift to an innocent and unsuspecting teenager. Within a few short months, all their grandiose plans for fortune and supremacy came tumbling down. All their cunning ploys were uncovered, all their shrewd and crafty works destroyed.

In the end, they were convicted by the Fourth District Court and imprisoned for life in the Utah State Penitentiary for first degree murder in the brutal death of Mr. Clawson’s own step-daughter, Tiffany Short; for masterminding the kidnapping of a seventeen-year-old Provo girl named Andrea Fenton and holding her for a three million dollars ransom; for blackmailing several local businessmen for a total of nearly one million; for the kidnapping and aggravated assault and battery of Cindy Davenport, a Payson High School cheerleader; for the deliberate destruction of private property in a bombing at the Provo Airport; for the illegal use of firearms and explosives (same incident); for a second count of first degree murder in the death of Adam Carmichael, Provo police officer (also same incident); and for the attempted murder of four Payson youth, namely: Cindy Davenport, Paul Bishop, Roshayne Pennini, and myself—Bart Elderberry.

I was that unsuspecting youth. The unusual gift granted to me, for reasons I’ve never altogether understood, was the unique ability to astral project—to separate my spirit self from my physical body at will. That was the unpredictable wild card against Mr. Clawson and his cronies. None of them ever considered the possibility that someone else might actually be able to duplicate Silver Hawk’s so-called magic—to see their dishonest business dealings, their criminal activities, andtheir deepest, darkest, most closely guarded secrets.

With the help of my friends, we brought them down. We won the battle. We put them away—for life.

Or so we thought.

In reality, the war was far from over. Little did we know that for the year and a half that they were incarcerated at the state prison, Mr. Clawson and his henchmen had exactly three things on their evil minds:

Get out.

Get rich.

Get revenge.


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