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Sixteen in no time


What would YOU do if time stood still and left you free to wander and explore at will?

Celinda Russell has a date to the Jr. Prom with Travis Foxx, THE most popular guy at North High. She has her dress all picked out and knows just what to do with her makeup, hair, and nails. It's truly a dream come true.

The only problem is: Celinda doesn't turn sixteen until the day AFTER the Prom. So—according to long-standing family rules—she can't even date yet.

In a desperate attempt to solve the problem, Celinda makes a powerful wish that she could SOMEHOW find a way to go to the dance. "Whatever it takes!" she pleads. "Let the powers-that-be decide."

Well . . . the Powers-That-Be decide to send Horace and Minuét—the "Special Agents in charge of all Time Related Yearnings and Aspirations." And her wish is suddenly granted.

The result is that Celinda and her best friend Mandy "get" to age four whole days while the rest of the world slows to a crawl and advances a mere four minutes. It looks like time has stopped. But . . . she'll be sixteen a couple of days before the Prom, and, therefore, old enough to date. Right?

There's only one major hangup: "You think our parents are going to believe any of this?" Mandy asks. "I don't THINK so."

Join Celinda and Mandy on a rollercoaster ride of excitement as they turnSixteen In No Time and experience a whole array of funny, scary, romantic, and disastrous consequences—most of which they cause, some of which they actually manage to prevent.

In the end, their parents learn a thing or two about the Spirit of the Law, and the two girls learn some very valuable lessons about boys, rules, and what being a teenage girl in this day and age is really all about.


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